Who is Minister Rob Bremer?

Rob Bremer is an ordained minister in the Gatlinburg area, and a frequent speaker in local churches and other organizations both in Tennessee and nationally.

Is Pre-Marital Counseling required?

Pre-Marital is not required for out-of-state residents. Tennessee residents must pay an extra $60.00 for their license if they do not have a Pre-Marital Counseling Completion Certificate.  You can avoid this fee by participating in the At-Home Marriage Prep Course offered here on my site.

Smoky Mountain Wedding

What kind of ceremonies do you do?

The ceremony for your wedding is a Christian ceremony which includes, a short advice section, an exchange of vows, an exchange of rings, a prayer, and a final blessing. Some couples do bring a unity candle, which can be added to the ceremony.

Also, if others are in attendance, including children, they are included by asking their blessing on and witness to the marriage.

Where do you perform wedding ceremonies?

Ceremonies may be performed at any local site, cabin, chalet or hotel suite chosen by the couple.

Smoky Mountain Wedding

How do we schedule our wedding with you?

You can fill out my check availability form online (see link below), or call the number listed 865-436-7782. I do recommend that you call as early as possible to get the day and time you desire, but I will attempt to meet your needs whenever you call.

When do you arrive for the wedding ceremony and what do you wear?

I normally try to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time to help with any last minute questions, check the license information for accuracy, and assist with positioning for the cremony.

I wear a suit for the ceremony.

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